One, establish and perfect the management policies and rules and regulations

In order to strengthen the management of the company to ensure optimization of staff, efficient, now in accordance with national laws, regulations and relevant provisions, combined with the actual, established corresponding rules and regulations and the code of conduct, the majority of the staff have to comply with the basic standards, rules and administrative discipline and behavior standard.


Two, staff training and development

To tie in with the company's strategic development, effective development of human resources, enhance the identification of the employees of the enterprise culture, improve the quality of employees, increase employee working knowledge and skills, the human resources department as a training organization and implementation of the Department.

1, the new staff entry training: the main contents include corporate culture, company profiles, employee handbook and the rules and regulations, safety production management system, employee behavior etiquette, etc..

2, the new staff to post training, the Department arranged by the Department of job training.

3, employees on-the-job training content mainly includes the construction team, the implementation of the implementation, professional theory, job skills, ability and quality and new knowledge and new skills training

4, vocational training, including employee handbook, regulations, laws and regulations, business skills etc..


Three, pay and benefits

1, the concept of compensation: the company's salary design in accordance with the position of different, according to the labor distribution, as far as possible to reflect the different positions in the decision-making responsibility, affect the scope, capacity requirements, work intensity and other aspects of the characteristics. At the same time, each of the company's progress is closely related to the tireless efforts of the vast number of employees, the company continued to develop at the same time to allow employees to share the fruits of success.

2, paid by the way: the company in the form of money to pay monthly wages of employees.

3, welfare: employee pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, maternity insurance.

For personal accident insurance for retired personnel.

Holiday issue items, summer Jieshu cool drinks, food, equipped with tooling, labor protection, daily necessities, difficult employee cooperation.

Enjoy all kinds of leave according to regulations.


Four, staff recruitment

Recruitment principle: in line with the principle of "open, equal, competition, preferred" after the first, in accordance with the respect knowledge, respect talent, merit, from actual need of guiding ideology, take a variety of ways to attract, select the company needs all kinds of talents.

Company staff selection, with moral, ability, knowledge, physical condition and job requirements as the standard, the use of two methods of interview and assessment.


I hope the social from all walks of life man of insight to contact my company's human resources department, welcome you to join our team and create a better future!


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